Terms of Use & Content Policy

Last update: January 19th, 2023

In your usage, you must adhere to the following Terms of Use and Content Policy.

To access the App you will need a blockchain address and a third-party wallet (at present Metamask and Phantom). This App will never ever ask you to input any sensitive data, including your private key or seed phrase. No responsibility will be accepted for, or liability to you, in connection with your use of a wallet. You are the only responsible for keeping your wallet secure and you should never share your wallet credentials, private key or seed phrase with anyone.

Your account on d-ArtSpot will be associated with your linked blockchain address. If you want you can add some flavour to your profile by adding additional information, such as profile picture and username.
Usernames provided by users are not unique, allowing anyone to use the same username displayed on their own collections.
Uploaded contents will be screened to prevent from exposing any offensive material. QR code images are not allowed. At present the allowed images formats are gif/jpg/jpeg/png.
The minimum claimable size is a single spot. For a single spot, if there hasn't been at least one access in the last 12 months, your account could be suspended, deleted and the spot will be made available to others.

While using the App you will be the only responsible for your conduct and content and you will not:

You must have, or have obtained, all rights, licenses or permissions for any content you dipslay. If you believe that your content has been displayed in a way that constitutes copyright or trademark infringement, or violates your publicity or other intellectual property rights, please writo to info@d-artspot.io.

Access and use of the App may be interrupted from time to time due to malfunction, updates or maintenance.

All third-party trademarks displayed on the App are the property of their respective owners.

These terms might be changed or modified at any time.

Please report any suspected violation of these rules at info@d-artspot.io.
The reported issue will be further investigated and action will be taken accordingly, up to and including terminating the violating account.

When you update your account profile, or contact for support, personal data may be collected, such as email address, user name and other information you provide. Your blockchain address may become associated with personal data when your account is created. If you contact for feedback or support, your contact information will be collected, as well as any other content included in the message, only to follow up on your request. This app collects data from activity that is publicly visible and/or accessible on blockchains. This may include blockchain addresses and information regarding your purchase transaction.
You can view, access, edit or delete some of your personal data directly from your personal area.
If you have any questions or concerns or complaints or want to ask for a data deletion please write to info@d-artspot.io.

This website uses only one necessary first-party cookie, "SessionCookie" (duration: session), for the website to function the right way. This does not collect any of your personally identifiable data. This cookie is used to store and identify a user's unique session in order to manage user sessions on the website.